Horrible days make for horrible…days? I don’t really know.

So, yesterday started off real swell – I got all of my first picks of classes for next semester. Naturally, I figured that nothing could go wrong yesterday…until everything did. Pretty much anything that could go wrong, did go wrong, and it was just overall, a horrible day. Honestly, what I think happened was that I put high expectations for the day so early in the morning that I was destined to hate the rest of the day. Nothing can get better than that moment right there.

Although it brings me great pleasure to complain about my life, I’m going to switch gears and discuss one of the many topics I am interested in. Today’s topic *drumroll* BEING UNDECLARED!!

Alright, so I’ve always been the person who knows what she’s doing, where she’s going, and how she’s going to do it. It’s the little bit of OCD in me that makes me need to have a plan, and know all of the twists and turns that could be up ahead. Well…I am at a college I was pretty much dead-set against, undeclared, and having little to no idea what I’m going to do next. And amazingly, that’s just fine. I’m starting to appreciate being able to just sit back and not worry about everything quite so much. Something’ll come along eventually that will make sense to me, and I’ll be able to just roll with it.

But being undeclared…when you say it to some people, they just nod and go “cool, you can go anywhere with that” type of thing. Then there’s the other people who look at you funny with a “get your life together” type of look. I’m not exactly undeclared by choice – okay, I am, but it’s because I’m trying to get into the Songwriting program. It happens. I’m not in yet, so for the time being, I’m just living college life, getting my Gen Eds out of the way, and spending a ton of money on my tuition. There’s always that tuition part that makes it hard to sleep at night!

I actually like being undeclared. It’s nice knowing that I can go anywhere as of this point and be able to catch up with whatever degree I’m going to be settling into, versus starting to follow some path mindlessly and get so far behind that I would need to take an extra year or something. I also like that I’m not being told what I can and cannot take – pretty much the entire university catalog is open at my fingertips. It’s great being able to be so flexible with my schedule. For example, next semester, I have one class on Mondays and Wednesdays and no class on Fridays. Yes, I have four classes Tuesdays and five on Thursdays, but they’re spread out, so it’s not like classclassclassclass, more like class       class class class (     class for Thursdays). If I was going in with a certain major, I wouldn’t have gotten that dream schedule. And, you can bet I’ll be sleeping in some days! Actually, no, unless you consider seven sleeping in. I’m adding working out to my schedule, so that I make sure I do it.

I have homework to do, so I shall take off. I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, but it’s not like anyone’s been reading these, anyways. Stats are still down to zero…*sad face**not really, I don’t really care that much*




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