“With Spuddies, enough is never enough!”

I cannot lie – I just got hooked on Best Vines today. Sure, I’ve seen them around Facebook, but today, I’ve watched a lot. Like, I’m back into August right now. And the beauty part is, they’re just a few seconds long each! Lots of cats, lots of people being dumb…and surprisingly, a number of people doing tricks with cigarettes.

I’ll come clean – smoking is a complete detriment. It’s one thing back in the 1800s when no one understood that the stuff you’re inhaling actually affects your health. Now-a-days, it’s just stupid to start. I’m not saying that the whole o-rings and tornadoes and stuff that these people can do with their smoke isn’t cool – just, do you have to be poisoning yourself while doing it? Go get some herbal cigarettes, like the ones that actors use in movies and TV shows. Of course, there’s still the fact that you’re inhaling a ton of stuff that was not naturally destined for your lungs, but at least it’s not addictive.

Truly, the whole drug thing is something that I doubt I’ll ever be able to understand. Can you even imagine the type of ridicule the people who say “snort/inject/inhale this” went through? And now look. Losers everywhere. It’s not illegal because the government is “mean” – it’s illegal because it is seriously harmful to your health. Caffeine in moderation, nothing bad is going to happen to you. Meth in moderation…is there even such a thing? I wouldn’t know. I’m not a meth addict. Regardless, the stuff messes you up. 

In reality, drugs (and alcohol and tobacco) are all just a few more examples of why Americans are too lazy to do work. They rely on manufactured, poisonous crap to feel better. Go workout – it feels way better, plus you get a confidence boost that doesn’t go away when your high does. Or read a book. Write a journal entry. Go pet puppies. I don’t know – find what you like to do that’s not harmful to your health. (Although, if you’re allergic to puppies, I’m sorry. Maybe some lizards want a warm hug?)

Food for thought. Sleep on it – what do you do when things get too out of control? I either workout, write, or eat chocolate (what? A girl needs her serotonin!) What’s your coping method?

TTFN, ta-ta for now.


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