Belmont, the Summer Camp that is totally not a summer camp

Well, I’ve officially been a college student for over two months, and honestly, I have way too much free time on my hands. My parents keep telling me to go get a job, and I probably would, if it wasn’t for the fact that all of the on-campus jobs require a work-study, and I don’t have the guts (or a car) to go around Nashville at night. So, for the time being, this could be considered a job…I know how I work. In about a month, I’ll have forgotten that I signed up for this. That’s just how I roll.

I see this blog thing, however, as a great way to let everyone back home in Wisconsin know what’s going on with my life down here in Nashville. I’d love to comment that it is 50 degrees outside right now. Apparently it’s 30 and snowing in Wisconsin. I’ll take the non-snowy climate, thank you very much!

I actually haven’t gotten out into Nashville much. A friend of mine keeps telling me that we need to take a bus to Downtown to chill out there, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve walked around the immediate areas of Belmont, and nothing was big and sticking out. There’s some “artistic shops”, as I think of them, full of gadgets and souvenirs that us broke college students can’t even buy, down on 21st Street, as well as Harris Teeter. I had never heard of Harris Teeter before I came down here, and I still giggle internally at the name. It’s just so…weird. That and Kroger. Publix I had heard of, at least, so I wasn’t totally caught by surprise. I suppose we have Piggly Wiggly back home…but they have them down here too. So, point is null. Must just be a Nashville thing.

Just about the most Nashville-y thing I’ve done so far was stop in two different guitar shops – Guitar Center and Corner Music. It is always great to take a look at all of the stuff you can’t afford and imagine what you would get if you won the lottery.

Speaking of the lottery, I have to make sure I run to the gas station across campus to get a lottery ticket. Tennessee jackpot is up to $216 million. Sure, chances are slim, but they’re even slimmer if I don’t buy a ticket.

One thing that I think is very interesting and different is that the Tennessee lottery goes to a scholarship fund. Whereas half of our Wisconsin ticket goes into paying the government, Tennessee’s half goes into giving college kids money for their college education. I realize we have/had the KEYS Scholarships at Kewaskum, so we weren’t entirely deprived of that, but still, if I could get Wisconsin to pay me, I’d take the money! (Then again, if anyone wants to just give me money, that’s always appreciated.)

I’m kind of running out of things on the top of my head, and the immediate need to do my chemistry post-lab is on my mind. I’m sure I’ll probably post later.



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